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Personalized sanitary units

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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A range of portable toilets is available from 2 to 13 toilets and more.

In example, CASCADES compagny is equipped with two 44 ' trailer with 7 women's toilets, 3 men's toiletswith 3 urinals and one disabled toilet, and a new luxury trailer with one disabled toilet.

Cascade toilet Cascades Floor plan 844

Sanitary unit for mariage

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

You are planning your outdoor wedding? There is a lot of different aspects that you need to think when you are aplnning something this big, and some may be forgotten along the way. Sanitary needs and toilets may be part of these unlucky forgotten ones.

An answer may be easier than you think and you do not have to give up the idea of an outdoor wedding for this little detail, especially when Toilette Mobile Star Suites can provide a sanitary unit that will suit your needs. Which means you can have access to toilets, showers and sinks to wash your hands, all with enough space to contain the typical trafic of a mariage.

For exemple, the mobile caravan-toilet Presidentielle unit can contain well than enough room for your guests, while also being designed to look like a hotel bathroom.

For an outdoor wedding planning or any other outdoor event, Toilette Mobile Star Suites can provide you with the best sanitary solutions.

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