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Portable Toilet Rental - Star Suites

Groupe Star Suites has built a solid name in the movie, event and show industries for more than 15 years with our portable lodges for artists and workers. Now, Star Suites widens its service with Toilette Mobile Star Suites, which offers high end portable bathroom units. This is an innovative way to provide a quality experience since the units are made to make you feel at home with no compromise on comfort. Enough to make you forget about the traditional toilets that you usually see in events of every kind. Toilette Mobile Star Suites offer a large range of high end portable restroom for any occasion.

Whether it is a festival, a wedding, a corporate, sporting or even a private event, you can be sure that these units will meet your expectation any day of the year. Attention to details is the key. During the design of our mobile sanitary units, we paid attention to every little corner to make sure nothing was overlooked. The result is a unit with superior quality, cleanliness, refinement, but first and foremost is the comfort and privacy that makes you feel as if you were home, even when you are really at an exterior event.

The sanitary units, a great alternative to chemical toilets

Thanks to the exceptional comfort and cleanliness of our mobile bathrooms, there is now a more attractive solution to those blue or grey chemical toilets that we usually see in events. A basic sanitary unit by Star Suites can usually replace 2 or 3 standard chemical toilets, while the bigger ones can replace more than a dozen. A spacious unit that provides comfort and security to visitors, which will also reflect on the general feeling of your event.

Also, while standard chemical toilets only have the bathroom, most sanitary units by Star Suites have a sink so you can wash your hand or your face. It is easy to be amazed by the quality and luxury or the portable restrooms. The comfort of your own home at your event! At Star Suites, customer satisfaction is always the main priority!

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