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Star Suites understands that planning an event can be both time and energy-consuming. Therefore, let us help you make efficient use of your time while meeting the needs of your guests. At your request Details

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At Star Suites, customer service is a priority! We also believe in the reliability of our products and ensure they are operating well. Resort to one of our technicians’ services during your event, and Details

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Whether it is for a regular maintenance of your sanitary units for long duration event or whether it is coming to an end, there is no need to be worried because of an hygiene or smell problem coming f Details

Toilette mobile - Portable showers

Do you have an event coming up soon? Get a head start in your preparations by letting Toilette Mobile Star Suite handle the installation of one-of-a-kind portable restrooms.

Whether you are looking for a shower for a sport event to allow athletes a way to refresh before or after their competition or simply for a construction site that wants to give their employee the most hygienic and comfortable solution to wash after a hard day at work. Shower units by Star Suites are really convenient for any kind of outdoor event! Furthermore, when you organize an outdoor event with shows, circus performers and other kind of artist could really need something to refresh themselves after their performance. Why not give them the beat you can offer with spacious and comfortable showers that lets them

Browse our selection of state-of-the-art portable showers designed to ensure the comfort of your participants. For maximum convenience, most of these portable showers come with heating and air-conditioning, which means your event can happen whether it is summer or winter without any compromise on comfort for the occupant, as if you were in the comfort of your home bathroom (or even better) !

In our efforts to preserve and protect the environment, all our portable showers are equipped with sensors to reduce water consumption. Our units are easily portable and can be used independently or connected to sewage and water system.

Elite shower unit

Elite shower unit

The Elite is our smallest model. It combines comfort and technology, and you will appreciate its spacious interior. Like all of our portable restrooms, the Elite is equipped with products limiting wat...

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Shower 824

Shower 824

The model 824 shower combo consists of six independent cabins each equipped with a shower, toilet and sink. It combines comfort and technology, and you will appreciate its spacious interior. Like all ...

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